Smart Agriculture

We can help turn the dial for your farm, from ordinary to smart while also reducing operational costs. We integrate the full system including sensors, automation and visualization. The farming industry has not been at the forefront of the IoT solutions development but it has been evident that farmers can benefit significantly from these technologies.

Population is expected to grow rapidly going towards 2050 and so the demand for food according to the UN’s FAO.

Being able to compete at a global scale means that farmers must find ways to reduce operational costs while increasing productivity. Agriculture remains one of the largest consumers of water, worldwide, and with proper implementation of technology, this area can also improve. 

Using technology to avert the 2050 food shortage prediction

The solution has a lot of benefits but some of the main financial, technical and sustainability benefits are:

Crop Management

Managing the life-cycle of crops by understanding various factors such as water holding potential and ripeness amongst others. This is achieved using drones and other high-resolution sensors.

Livestock Management

Employing the use of GPS, RFID and other sensors to manage and monitor cattle, calves and other animals. Farm management is always aware of what's happening in the field.

Process Automation

This involves automation of various processes such as harvesting, fruit picking, soil maintenance, irrigation and others.

Facilities Management

Data collection to enable the management of the fleet and machines to advice when necessary maintenance and replacement is required.

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Emilia Clarke
Managing Director, Ms. M Bugarith
Starting from a simple discussion on a flight, RECAST team, proved to be very professional beyond the corporate offices. From that 1 hour flight, I knew there will be value in working with a team of this caliber. To date, RECAST has been our preferred service provider for the provision of Information and Communication Technology services.
Emilia Clarke
Project Executive, Mr. S Dlamini
Being a construction company, it has been a challenge to find a reliable and experienced technology partner. This was a story of a past after a rigorous selection process which left us with no better choice than RECAST. We have been working with their Engineers on our building and agricultural related projects and their service has been exceptional.