Optimize occupants’ experience and the availability of assets with IoT.

The IoT and smart technologies have not been widely adopted in the buildings and facilities industry. The necessity to invest on such solutions remains a global conundrum. Our view is that this can be a very costly and unnecessary exercise for existing buildings and facilities.

We recommend that you incorporate smart building and facilities management systems during the building design phase.

Our smart building solutions have the following benefits:

Commercial Buildings

Better client experience means that you will always have tenants at your building.

Industrial Facilities

Our solutions goes beyond just residential buildings but other facilities such as power station and mine structures and equipment.

Holiday Establishments

Keep visitors coming back with the convenience delivered by our smart hotel management solutions.

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Emilia Clarke
Managing Director, Ms. M Bugarith
Starting from a simple discussion on a flight, RECAST team, proved to be very professional beyond the corporate offices. From that 1 hour flight, I knew there will be value in working with a team of this caliber. To date, RECAST has been our preferred service provider for the provision of Information and Communication Technology services.
Emilia Clarke
Project Executive, Mr. S Dlamini
Being a construction company, it has been a challenge to find a reliable and experienced technology partner. This was a story of a past after a rigorous selection process that left us with no better choice than RECAST. We have been working with their Engineers on our building and agricultural related projects and the service has been exceptional.