What We Do In Simple Terms

Everything Innovation & Technology

The easiest way to understand what we do in simple terms, one must understand our mission. We aim to re-shape the African continent through sustainable development of technology and innovation. It means that we aim to solve any problem that has a potential to degrade environment or threaten human survival.

We develop these solutions with a long term view to minimize the impact of climate change, water shortage and others. These can range from a simple enterprise resource management solutions to advanced smart technologies aimed at securing food supply, reducing emissions and others.

Our View On Industries

The agricultural sector plays an important role in ensuring a stable supply of food throughout the world. It is also the industry that uses most of the water (averaging 70%) produced by the water utilities. Our solutions are aimed at ensuring sustainability  and lowering the cost of food production.


Population growth and urbanization result in the need for more buildings. The residential and corporate market could end up being one of the demanding industries in terms of energy and water supply. We work with property developers and construction companies to ensure that buildings are equipped with the right systems to maintain global sustainability.


The provision of decent healthcare service is still a challenges in developing countries. The challenges range from lack of infrastructure to high operational costs. It may be too early to implement advanced information management systems  but most hospitals can benefit from solutions such as queue and electronic records management systems.


Let's walk the Fourth Industrial Revolution journey together!
What we believe in and practice

Our Core Values

Our mission is to re-shape the African continent through sustainable development of technology and innovation.

Emilia Clarke
Managing Director, Ms. M Bugarith
Starting from a simple discussion on a flight, RECAST team, proved to be very professional beyond the corporate offices. From that 1 hour flight, I knew there will be value in working with a team of this caliber. To date, RECAST has been our preferred service provider for the provision of Information and Communication Technology services.
Project Executive, Mr. S Dlamini
Being a construction company, it has been a challenge to find a reliable and experienced technology partner. This was a story of a past after a rigorous selection process which left us with no better choice than RECAST. We have been working with their Engineers on our building and agricultural related projects and their service has been exceptional.